Nova DAO

Nova DAO’s ownership is fully conferred via the $NOVA Token – with no pre-sale or private pre-allocation, every holder’s tokens entitles them to true ownership and control over the entirety of Nova’s protocols.

Coupled with our in-house Studio Nova, holders can look forward to unique DeFi and GameFi development, directing an expanding product library made available under the Nova DAO banner.

Nova DAO Token

The Nova DAO Token confers true protocol ownership, and proportional voting rights over Nova’s Product stack.

Studio Nova

Studio Nova serves as our in-house Development & Art team, building the next generation of Nova’s Web2 & Web3 products.


Studio Nova’s NFT Kit brings real-time preset & procedural rich asset creation to Web3, secured with Chainlink VRF.

DeFi Girls

Developed with Studio Nova’s NFT Kit, DeFi Girls entitles all NFT Holders to claim monthly yield rewards in Ether, per NFT.

Gooeys Classic

Studio Nova’s Gooeys (Classic) is a Play To Earn blockchain game, with a fully tokenized economy – Available on Polygon!

Gooeys : MetaVice

Coming soon from Studio Nova; share in the slime-themed vices of interdimensional Gooeys, on Polygon & Dogechain!

Gooeys : Dogetribe

Gooeys brings a brand new, uniquely doge-themed on-chain adventure to Dogechain!

Development Driven

Nova DAO is backed by Studio Nova; KYC’d by Certik, and carrying a proven track record of innovation across the Web2 and Web3 Spaces.


$NOVA Tokens can never be minted – burn, staking, and user reward is funded through real yield via protocol fees, and the DAO Treasury.

DAO Driven

Nova DAO is entirely DAO Driven; with the DAO Treasury fully under the community’s control, and oversight provided by the Nova Council.

The Nova Ecosystem

$NOVA is available exclusively on Uniswap,
Ethereum’s leading Decentralized Exchange.

Required Slippage: 3.5%
2% DAO Treasury (Community Owned), 1% Auto-LP

Nova Ethereum Contract: 0x82967568A57625675b260Ebab1294038C9ACcC6e

DAO Treasury

The Nova DAO Treasury is held within multisignature wallets hosted by (formerly gnosis), with all transactions secured under requirement of 4 council signatures.

All funds and assets held within the DAO Treasury (inclusive of all token taxes) are entirely owned by the Nova DAO community, with all actions (such as token swaps, staking distribution etc) fully under user autonomy via Snapshot voting.

The Nova Council ensures both the safety and sanctity of any vote process (maintaining a veto by majority vote in the event of any unsafe actions – such as flashbotted vote attempts), along with ensuring that the wishes of Nova DAO are carried out in full.

Ethereum Treasury: 0xEF95d8FB80f3d8f3E6d60Ad6E5bf6091f17AFb9F
Polygon Treasury: 0x123D26A886b4080e3b5B43d6f1025AB39F1C5414

Community DAO:
Notes that only wallets holding a minimum of 200,000 $NOVA may open new DAO proposals.


Studio Nova’s NFT Kit was fully developed in-house to simplify, streamline, and secure the process of NFT Creation for both developers, and artists.

Creating an intricate collection of NFTs has never been easier than with our NFT Kit – simply provide all your image layers, and a spreadsheet detailing the chances of rolling a certain trait. And that’s it!

Our NFT Kit generates every image according to your rules, either as a pre-set collection of images and json files ready for upload, or in real-time as your community mints!

Our NFT Kit integrates directly with Chainlink’s Verified Random Function technology, ensuring fair on-chain random generation for all participants.

For enquiries on using Studio Nova’s NFT Kit, please contact

DeFi Girls

Created by Nova DAO members past and present, DeFi Girls is an NFT-Based DAO launched via free mint, with a focus towards creating educational content; primarily around technical analysis, and crypto trading.

Each DeFi Girls NFT is procedurally generated from over 200 hand-crafted assets across 26 layers, created with Studio Nova’s NFT Kit.

DeFi Girls’ self-built treasury is now utilized for liquidity positions; with every DeFi Girls NFT entitling its holder to a share of the yield generated.

All of DeFi Girls’ liquidity positions, and smart contract-based reward distributions are managed by Studio Nova, with Nova DAO now holding 10% of the total DeFi Girls NFT Supply.

Gooeys & $GOO Token

Studio Nova / Gooeys KYC

Nova DAO Token


Gooeys is Studio Nova’s debut fully on-chain game, building directly on the advancements made with our NFT Kit, alongside leveraging the reliable high speeds, and low transaction costs of the Polygon Network.

Gooeys features a fully tokenized economy, with additional incentives made available via Nova Yield. Every Gooey and in-game item is represented by an NFT, while a standalone token is used to represent in-game currency and reward players for taking care of, and expanding their Gooey Kingdom.

Designed as a fully on-chain experience, players can trade their NFTs and in-game tokens via decentralized platforms such as OpenSea, and QuickSwap.

Gooeys : MetaVice

Product In Development

MetaVice is an expansion on the quickfire formula that launched Gooeys Classic; quick game loops, easily understood mechanics, user-defined risk/reward, and an inviting UI/UX to keep the onboarding process as pain-free as possible.

MetaVice takes us to a Gooey-inhabited space station, far away from the realities of the Gooeys in the fruit filled trenches. These well-to-do dimensional travelers instead focus their time towards what’s truly important: bright lights, good company, the cast of a die, and turning luck into an art.

Gooeys (that’s you — the players) can partake in multiple mini-games (both social and solo) — wagering to play, or providing liquidity to reap the house rewards.

Gooeys : Dogetribe

Product In Development

Gooeys’ next adventure takes us to the foreign lands of Dogechain – where a brand new breed of Tribal Gooeys take their first steps into the unknown!

A sense of community becomes more important than ever as tribal factions compete for land and resources – will you unite the tribes under your banner, or use the battlefield to settle any challenges to your claim?

Gooeys : Dogetribe from Nova Studios brings brand new twists to the Gooeys formula, with a brand new gameplay loop, gorgeous mobile-optimized visuals, and true token integration for other Dogechain communities leading their own tribes into the fray.

Studio Nova


Eoghan Hayes

Development Lead

Eoghan has just over a decade of industry experience as a Developer and Manager spanning across start-ups, and enterprise-level multinational companies. As an independent developer, Eoghan released “Split or Steal” on Steam, an indie hit amassing over 150,000 downloads.

His noteable work in cryptocurrency includes being part of the original Dogecoin Team in 2013/2014, and working with Digibyte to implement their Digishield Gravity Well Difficulty Algorithm into Dogecoin.

Mary Mabiruna

Art & Design Lead

Mary graduated from the South Russian Humanitarian Institute’s Department of Graphic Design and Arts and has spent ten years across both the industry space, and as a successful freelance artist. With a general interest towards Gaming and its related technologies, Mary became involved in cryptocurrency as a Design Lead, and Advisor across several projects before joining Studio Nova.

Mary’s artwork is heavily inspired by Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Outrun aesthetics, and the stylings of Vitaly S Alexiuss, whom Mary studied under the tutelage of.

Nova Council








The Nova Council consists of community members elected into perpetual positions, and are tasked with ensuring the sanctity, and safety of Nova DAO.

All DAO proposals will be overseen by the Nova Council, with all members tasked towards ensuring that the DAO’s directives are followed. The Nova Council retain VETO powers in the event of any actions which would endanger the security of the DAO (such as flashbot voted proposals). The use of any VETO powers requires a majority approval rate across all Nova Council members.

Along with acting as representatives of Nova DAO and our Community, the Nova Council are tasked with ensuring that the long-term safety of Nova DAO and our wider community comes first and foremost; and must exercise their best possible judgement in any cases where relevant.

$NOVA Is a token on the Ethereum Network. All tokens carry risk. The value of tokens fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a token may move up or down, and may become valueless. Studio Nova have no level of control over Nova DAO, or the $NOVA token. Studio Nova takes no responsibility for any losses incurred while trading, or holding $NOVA tokens. The $NOVA token has been developed according to decentralized standards, and does not contain any functionality for pausing or rewinding any transfers, or otherwise. Ownership of $NOVA tokens or any products/tokens as released or developed on by Studio Nova does not imply or confer any investment, ownership, or stake within Nova as a studio, company, entity or otherwise.

For branding, press, or marketing queries directed to Studio Nova, please contact info[at] Studio Nova nor any member of the Nova Council will ever ask you for your seed phrase. All communication requests should be verified to be from an official source.

Note that Studio Nova, and the Nova Council have no authority or ownership over the $NOVA Token. Activities such as partnerships or listing requests should be made directly to the Nova DAO, by the relevant token holders.

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