Warning: This is the Ethereum $NOVA Claim Portal.
Do not attempt to interact with this page on any network other than Ethereum.

Please note that the $Dogira -> $NOVA Bridge is provided as-is, without warranty or guarantee. Nova DAO’s token $NOVA is unrelated to the $Dogira token; with conversions being offered as a courtesy to Dogira Holders. All $Dogira sent to the Bridge will be immediately burned, and cannot be retrieved. The $Dogira token continues to operate with community-provided LP, with $Dogira holders or traders under no obligation to transfer to the $NOVA Token as distributed under Nova DAO.

The $Dogira -> $NOVA Bridge utilizes centralized components; as such, up to 5 days is required for bridging from Polygon to Ethereum. Tokens newly purchased from $Dogira’s community LP (after the 18th of August 2023) will not be honored for transfer to the Nova DAO Token.

Please note: only amounts greater than 10,000 $Dogira may be bridged.

The NOVA token smart contract is deployed on Ethereum by Nova DAO LLC with the objective of establishing NovaDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization controlled by NOVA token holders. Nova DAO LLC disclaims any responsibility for any outcomes, whether positive or negative, that may arise as a result of actions taken by the NOVA token holders. You acknowledge that the NOVA token smart contract operates autonomously and immutably on the Ethereum blockchain, the continued functionality and presence of the NOVA token are not contingent upon the endeavors of Nova DAO LLC, and ongoing development of NovaDAO is the responsibility of NOVA token holders. By utilizing the NOVA token smart contract and associated user interface, you acknowledge and agree that Nova DAO LLC shall not bear any liability for the actions, decisions, or consequences incurred by NOVA token holders.

By depositing or converting your tokens, you agree that Nova DAO LLC, Studio Nova, and Dogira Ltd maintain no responsibility for any losses incurred while holding either $NOVA or $Dogira tokens, or while interacting with any services or products provided by either of the aforementioned groups, or otherwise. The price of a token may move up or down, and may become valueless. Studio Nova have no level of control over Nova DAO, or the $NOVA token. Studio Nova takes no responsibility for any losses incurred while trading, or holding $NOVA tokens. The $NOVA token has been developed according to decentralized standards, and does not contain any functionality for pausing or rewinding any transfers, or otherwise. Ownership of $NOVA tokens or any products/tokens as released or developed on by Studio Nova does not imply or confer any investment, ownership, or stake within Nova as a studio, company, entity or otherwise.

$NOVA Claim Contract (ETH): 0x0B41a565E443a19F4d0cE0Be86Ff3877B2d773AF

$NOVA Token Contract (ETH): 0x82967568A57625675b260Ebab1294038C9ACcC6e