Warning: DeFi Girls Yield Rewards are distributed on the Polygon Blockchain.
Do not attempt to interact with this page on any network other than Polygon PoS.

DeFi Girls Yield Rewards

DeFi Girls Yield Rewards are accrued from the DeFi Girls’ Treasury, as managed by Nova DAO. All yield rewards are generated via fees from Gamma Liquidity Pairs, as hosted by QuickSwap on Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake chain.

Total Yield Calculation

The total yield to be distributed to DeFi Girls’ NFT Holders is calculated via our in-house Studio Nova’s Gamma Reward Calculator.

Shares Calculation

Shares per user is determined from the amount of NFTs that a user holds, out of a maximum of 6765 NFTs. In simple terms, a user holding 1 DeFi Girl NFT is entitled to 1/6765th of the total yield rewards per month.

Rewards Verification

All log output from Studio Nova’s Gamma Reward Calculator, and Shares Calculator (with transaction IDs) can be found at our Nova/DeFi Girls Log Github. The DeFi Girls Rewards Claim contract additionally utilises array-based user storage, allowing for lookup of all user shares and rewards per wallet.


Note that we strongly recommend using MetaMask with Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox for claiming rewards. For further community support, please visit Nova DAO’s Official Telegram at @Nova. Please remember that no member of Nova DAO’s Team will ever DM you.

The DeFi Girls Yield Rewards smart contract has been developed by Studio Nova, and deployed by Nova DAO LLC with a priority towards user and token safety. However, it is provided “as-is” without any warranties or guarantees.

Studio Nova and Nova DAO LLC are not responsible for any outcomes, be they positive or negative, resulting from interactions with the DeFi Girls Yield Rewards smart contract. By interacting with this smart contract or its associated user interface, you acknowledge and agree that neither Studio Nova nor Nova DAO LLC will be held liable for any issues encountered or losses incurred.

All DeFi Girls rewards are distributed monthly on Polygon’s Proof of Stake chain, in Wrapped Ether. Any unclaimed rewards will be compounded to DeFi Girls’ existing Gamma Liquidity Positions at the time of distribution.

DeFi Girls Yield Rewards Contract (Polygon): 0xf90fb559b12dBEe124509Ae2D655E5f4De3b0059
DeFi Girls NFT Contract (Polygon): 0xc6D960E677f9081dD78009E4973c49BBd1dAAC75