$NOVA Is a token on the Ethereum Network. All tokens carry risk. The value of tokens fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a token may move up or down, and may become valueless. Studio Nova have no level of control over Nova DAO, or the $NOVA token. Studio Nova takes no responsibility for any losses incurred while trading, or holding $NOVA tokens. The $NOVA token has been developed according to decentralized standards, and does not contain any functionality for pausing or rewinding any transfers, or otherwise. Ownership of $NOVA tokens or any products/tokens as released or developed on by Studio Nova does not imply or confer any investment, ownership, or stake within Nova as a studio, company, entity or otherwise.

For branding, press, or marketing queries directed to Studio Nova, please contact info[at]studionova.io. Studio Nova nor any member of the Nova Council will ever ask you for your seed phrase. All communication requests should be verified to be from an official source.

Note that Studio Nova, and the Nova Council have no authority or ownership over the $NOVA Token. Activities such as partnerships or listing requests should be made directly to the Nova DAO, by the relevant token holders.

DAO Telegram Group: @Nova
DAO Discord: https://discord.gg/NovaDao
DAO X/Twitter: https://x.com/0xNovaDAO
DAO Council Contact: Council@novadao.io